• Beautiful landscapes for grapes to grow in.
  • We can’t cork our love for designing wine estates.

Our Completed Projects

At KHHI we are all about creating stunning, authentic landscapes that will endure beautifully, with the lightest possible ecological footprint and the maximum possible positive impact on all who view them or spend time in them.

"South Africans don't always appreciate our own exotic plants; the vibrant Coral Tree, cycads and aloes and the Strelitzia ("Bird of Paradise") and others", says Keith. With the light touch and deft eye that he and his team bring to each of the landscape projects they design and manage, more and more South Africans (and international visitors) have the opportunity to enjoy our country’s natural floral splendours.

KKHI’s complete landscaping service covers all aspects of your project, from initial consultation, through the design and planning phases to breaking ground. Once the planting is complete, we can advise on practical maintenance programmes to add beauty, growth and value to your landscape as the seasons and years progress.

Take a walk with us through some of our recently created landscapes: