• They’re nurtured by gardeners like you.
  • These plants are all golden.

Champion Plants

Plants are like children – you don’t love each one any less if you have another one; you simply spread your love around. However, if parents are being completely honest, they might just admit that – just sometimes – they prefer one child to another. Gardeners are the same – we love everything that grows and blooms, and we even have a certain grudging respect for weeds, if only for their sheer tenacity.

Like every horticulturalist, Keith Kirsten has his champion plants – the ones that seem to react that little bit more to the touch of his green fingers, and which he has had particular success with down the years.

On this page, we’d like to introduce you to our champion plants – plants that will do any gardener proud, and soon put down roots in your heart. For more information on any of these varieties, check out our Plant Directory , or visit your local garden centre for expert advice.