Azalea x encore Autumn Royalty

  • Exposure:Full sun to half sun
  • Dimensions: 75 x 100cm
  • Hardiness: Hot and Cold Tolerant

Azalea x encore TM Autumn Royalty bears blooms that are dark purple. Flowering from early January with intense flowering mid to late autumn. Traditional spring show of flowers. It has a moderately upright growth habit. This habit is well-suited for foundation plantings. This plant needs well drained, sligthly acidic soil. It attracts butterflies.

Not just pretty, but tough too. It is virtually care-free... just plant your Azaleas and watch them bloom and bloom and bloom. You don't even have to fertilize them, though you can if you want to see how big these flowers can get.

Azalea x encore Autumn Royalty is patented. This variety is protected in terms of the South African Plant Breeder’s Rights act no 15 of 1976 and the designated Trade Mark on this label is protected by common law and the South African Trade Marks Act no. 194 of 1993, and are the exclusive intellectual property of KEITH KIRSTEN HORTICULTURE INTERNATIONAL. Unauthorised use of Trade Marks and any unauthorised proliferation, sale, conditioning, importation, exportation or stocking of this plant is strictly prohibited.

Plant Breeder’s Rights. PBR: TBA.