Anisodontea scabrosa Miss Pinky

  • Exposure:Full Sun
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5m
  • Hardiness: Frost Sensitive

This free-flowering perennial is great for mass-plantings. A lovely indigenous shrub for the garden or containers. Large bi-coloured flowers are produced in profusion almost all year round. Great for screening or hedging or for mixed borders or as a single speciment plant in the garden. Plant in a well-drained, sunny position.

Feed regularly with organic or chemical fertiliser and prune to enhance shape if needed. Great plant for summer to autumn. A better garden starts with a better plant. Information and picture are a guide only.

Anisodontea scabrosa Miss Pinky PBR is patented. This variety is protected in terms of the South African Plant Breeder’s Rights act no 15 of 1976 and the designated Trade Mark on this label is protected by common law and the South African Trade Marks Act no. 194 of 1993, and are the exclusive intellectual property of KEITH KIRSTEN HORTICULTURE INTERNATIONAL. Unauthorised use of Trade Marks and any unauthorised proliferation, sale, conditioning, importation, exportation or stocking of this plant is strictly prohibited.

Plant Breeder’s Rights. PBR: TBA