Agapanthus Snow Storm

  • Exposure:Semi-shade to full sun
  • Dimensions: 30 x 25cm
  • Hardiness: Drought resistant

Compact, easy care and drought tolerant, Snow Storm is one of the Storm™ series of agapanthus that produce more flower stems than any other agapanthus. In fact, Snow Storm flowers on average 10 weeks per season (up to two to three weeks longer than most other varieties).When mature, this vigorous plant bears up to 100 stems topped with spheres of white flowers per plant per season - all bursting forth together to create masses of long-lasting white blooms. Snow Storm™ grows to a compact 30 inches (2 ½ feet), an ideal height for landscapes and container plantings, as most other agapanthus are either much taller or shorter.Lily of the Nile, also known by the botanical name Agapanthus, is increasingly popular with American gardeners and landscapers for its easy-care nature, crisp exotic look, and long-lasting flowers. A better garden starts with a better plant.

Agapanthus ‘Snow Storm’ is patented. This variety is protected in terms of the South African Plant Breeder’s Rights act no 15 of 1976 and the designated Trade Mark on this label is protected by common law and the South African Trade Marks Act no. 194 of 1993, and are the exclusive intellectual property of KEITH KIRSTEN HORTICULTURE INTERNATIONAL. Unauthorised use of Trade Marks and any unauthorised proliferation, sale, conditioning, importation, exportation or stocking of this plant is strictly prohibited. Plant Breeder’s Rights. PBR: TBA