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Welcome to Keith Kirsten at Waterfall Wilds. Everything you need for an enviro-friendly, African-inspired sustainable approach to your garden and outdoor living spaces.

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Everything your garden desires - naturally - and everything you desire in décor

Beyond a truly amazing selection of the flora in the pink of health (and every other color), we offer absolutely everything you need to make your garden the natural wonder you’ve always wanted it to be.

To make the most of your in and outdoor living spaces, we have a huge selection of on-trend décor and lifestyle living choices – with an eye to reusing, repurposing and recycling wherever possible.

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All the gear for your gardening year.

What to do in your garden this August!

With the arrival of August its time to get excited... August is when the first sign of spring arrives in the garden. Fresh shoots start emerging and your garden starts readying itself in anticipation of the coming months. A little help and encouragement such as a layer of mulch and fertiliser will not go amiss and is a perfect way to prepare your garden for the burst of growth and activity that will erupt throughout the spring months.

caterpillar in pink flower

COMPOST! Feed your flowerbeds and get them ready for spring! Dig one bag of compost and a handful of superphosphate into every 2m of bed.

Person planting a potato bulb

DIVIDE & CONQUER To keep your annuals looking good, remove the dying flowers. Lift and divide your overgrown perennials e.g. agapanthus, dietes, clivias.


GROW YOUR OWN HEALTHPlant any of the following veggie seeds now: carrots, onions, squashes, beetroot, radishes, tomatoes, eggfruit and capsicum peppers, cabbage, lettuce, Chinese cabbages, spring onions.

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Keith Kirsten... Gardening, naturally!

Often called 'South Africa's favourite gardener' Keith Kirsten is a local and international horticultural award winner, prolific author and passionate environmental activist. His focus is on enviro-friendly, African-inspired, sustainable gardening without the use of damaging fertilisers.

A dedicated community and environmental activist, Keith has raised millions for the sick and needy as well as playing key roles in worthy organisations such as:

  • National Water Conservation campaign under the Department of Water affairs and Forestry (Patron along with the late Nelson Mandela);
  • The Green Trust and Peace Gardens;
  • Food and Trees for Africa (Founder Director and now Patron);
  • Business for Arts South Africa (BASA - Founder member).