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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we’re big believers in the sustainable gardening and making sure that we always give something back to the Earth. We also want to encourage more people to get into gardening and discover the sense of joy and pride that it brings. So whenever we can, we give back to local gardeners with special promotions that focus on the things you most need for your garden in each season.

The glorious summer month of October has begun, and even before we’ve had any real rain, gardens are becoming a riot of new growth and colour. Who doesn’t love a South African summer?

To make you want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine (but don’t forget your hat!), we’ve come up with some wonderful special offers to inspire and even nourish you.

Whether you want to add colour to the outside of your house or improve the air inside it, or even eat a summer salad in your garden just steps from where it was grown (with zero food miles!), you need to pop down to Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds to take advantage of our October specials.

We’re celebrating agapanthus and homegrown veggies and herbs, as well as being conscious that water in Gauteng is still in short supply. Our specials on indigenous plants will help you grow a proudly South African garden that’s also water-wise.

Remember that the best way to hear about all our October special offers and exciting Waterfall Wilds events - and get great gardening tips to help you make the most of summer - is to download the Keith Kirsten mobile app. Click here to stay in the gardening loop. 

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NOW 30% Off

Who doesn’t like these purple and white spikes?

Proud stands of blooming agapanthus are as much a part of summer in Gauteng as thunderstorms, and the glorious flowers of this hardy annual will soon be a common sight again.  

As well as looking particularly striking en masse, they’re indigenous and do well in a water-wise garden.

Choose from purple or white flowers and set your borders alight with colour!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of our October agapanthus festival from the 6th – 17th, and some great special offers… 

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Great Deal

How would you feel if your mother-in-law moved in?

From October 2nd – 15th, we have a wonderful array of special offers for you to choose from.

Invite mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria) into your home at 30% off and you’ll never hear a cross word!

Along with all houseplants, it will help purify the air that you breathe and create a better atmosphere.

We’re also doing our bit for water-wise gardens, with 30% off all compost and mulch – great for water retention – as well as the African daisies (osteospermum) and indigenous grasses you need to get started.  

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NOW 30% Off

Spend less at the supermarket; spend more time in your veggie patch.

Homegrown herbs and veggies always taste better than the ones from the shop, and eating them fresh from the garden is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Now is the time to try being an urban veggie farmer, and our latest special offer may also persuade you. The delicious crunch of organic garden veggies is within reach – just plant, care and wait.

From October 18th – 31st, we’re taking 30% off all our 6-pack veggies and herbs to inspire you – and help you save even more money on your grocery bill.

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30% Off

Celebrate “rose month” with these great offers…

Roses are one of our favourite summer blooms, and we’re sharing the love this month with special rose garden offers from October 23rd – 31st.

We’ll be reducing all our roses by 30%, and there’s the same discount on Vigorosa 4.5kg rose food.

30% off Koinor 50ml will help you control any nasty bugs.  

“It’s the time that you spend on your rose that makes it so important” – The Little Prince 

P.S. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of our children’s rose workshop on Saturday 14th October!