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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we believe that gardening is a wonderful way of bringing people together and making the world a better place. Whether you’re looking for seeds or secateurs, ideas or inspiration, this is the place to come. We stock everything you need to get your garden tasks done and make your outdoor space more beautiful. But we also have lots of advice to give – and it’s all freely available. If you’re planning to make changes in your garden, or you have a problem plant that’s not responding to your love, we can help.

Officially, March is in autumn, but it seems that we’re enjoying a ‘second summer’ at the moment. In other words, we have a ‘bonus month’ to spend in our gardens, getting them ready for winter and enjoying a long farewell to summer.

March is the perfect time to add compost, bulbs and seedlings to your garden – especially winter- and spring-flowering bulbs so you can enjoy extra colour in the shorter days ahead. Plants that are coming to the end of their flowering season will appreciate a good feed now, so that they can gather their strength and do it all again later in the year.

Mulch is another garden staple that you can’t add too much of it. Rather than digging it in – and risking extra weed growth – simply spread a layer of it around the base of your plants. If you’ve been planning on adding new trees, shrubs or roses to your garden, get digging! This milder weather gives permanent additions a great chance to get established.

If you have a pond or water feature, rather clean it and service the pump now. This job is much less fun during winter!

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Attracting birds to your garden is a great way to make the time you spend there more interesting, musical and colourful. Plus, as many species eat insects, you’ll get help with controlling garden pests.

It can be as simple as installing a bird feeder, bird bath or nesting box or log, as well as bird-friendly plants. With winter approaching, garden birds will certainly appreciate a little extra food as they build up their reserves.

Plant patches of mixed bird seed and leave the dead heads on daisies so that birds can enjoy the seeds. Alternatively, take advantage of our special offer on small bird seed bells – until the end of March 2019, buy one and get a second one free!

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Sprinklers and hoses are a great way to irrigate your garden, but they can also waste a lot of water if you leave them on for too long, or if they’re not correctly sited. That means bigger bills for you – and losing water is not something we can afford to do.

Instead, invest in a watering can or two and become a responsible, water-wise gardener. Using a watering can instead of a hose means that you can direct water to exactly where it’s needed, and also obliges you to spend more time walking round your garden.

You’ll get some gentle exercise, do a little bit of weightlifting – and, most importantly, get to enjoy and check each plant, bush and tree.  

To mark World Water Day on March 22nd, our 5ℓ and 10ℓ watering cans are on special until March 31st, 2019.


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Not all insects are bad news in your garden – lots of species help out with eating pests, and of course with pollination. You can encourage good bugs to stick around by installing an insect hotel in a sunny spot in your garden – somewhere that solitary bees and other beneficial creepy-crawlies can rest and nest.

Place your insect hotel out of the prevailing winds and where it will catch the early-morning sun. Some bees, for example, need to warm up their wings before they can start flying for the day.

Make your insect hotel even more of a ‘des res’ by placing it close to an existing insect hotspot: a hedge, bank of nectar-rich flowers or a pond, for example.

It’s time to give friendly bugs the 5-star treatment they deserve, so check out our promotion on insect hotels: Only R88.95 until the end of March 2019.


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Ferns add interesting, delicate shapes and fresh shades of green to any garden. They can also be used in damp, shady spots (such as under trees) where few other plants will grow. You can also plant them in the shade of south-facing walls, on covered patios, or alongside streams, ponds and water features.

Their soft, feathery textures make them very tactile and appealing – wonderful in gardens where sight-impaired people will be visiting. The fascinating way they grown and unfurl will also appeal to kids who are learning about gardens and biology. Ferns do especially well if you can provide them with leaf litter, so mulch is essential. Above all else, they like cool and moist conditions without too much direct sunlight. Removing any fronds that die back – and use them as mulch.

All our ferns are now 30% off until March 31st, 2019!

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One year on from the successful launch of the Nelson Mandela Rose, we’re relaunching this wonderful bloom under the slogan ‘Find the Madiba in you’. This line has been chosen to inspire people to find the good that exists inside them – and then put it to the service of people in their community.Planting the Nelson Mandela Rose in your garden is a visible – and beautiful – sign of your commitment to continue his work in your own way.

Like all roses, the one named in honour of Madiba will bloom for longer with an application of 8:1:5. With Human Rights Day falling on March 21st, and the Nelson Mandela Rose and Rose South Africa on special throughout March 2019, there’s never been a better time to pay tribute to the greatest-ever South African.