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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we’re enthusiastic gardening evangelists and we always welcome beginners with open arms. To help as many people as possible enjoy the sense of wonder and satisfaction that comes from gardening, we regularly run special offers on the plants, equipment and supplies you need to transform your outside spaces. We also like to share new ideas on garden design so that you can save and be inspired at the same time.

June is a month to do hard-landscaping maintenance, but also some gentle and playful planting.  June gardening would not be complete without the breathtaking beauty of camellias, as they add such life to the winter garden.  Their flowering season starts in early autumn and goes right through to spring.  Be sure to water camellias very deeply once a week.  Add a splash of instant colour to patios by adding a hanging basket of mixed winter annuals, like pansies, stocks, dianthus, petunia, lobelia and viola which will work in a sunny spot.  Primroses and primulas will do nicely in shady areas.  A great way to permanently liven up a dull room inside your home is to have a changing display of seasonal colour.  Make sure to select long-flowering potted plants such as the bright cyclamen this winter. Group several together in a large container to disguise the individual pots and camouflage further with some dried florist moss as a finishing touch.

Get into Tjune with your garden this month!

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Pansy 6-pack

Pansies and violas love the present weather conditions and the colder it gets, the better they do! 
They can even freeze, and your nails can bounce off their frozen leaves, but come a little bit of sun and they smile up at you!
For the month of June we have a very special offer for every 6-pack pansy seedling you buy YOU GET ONE FREE!
Offer valid until 30 June 2018.

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30% OFF

Selected Bird Feeders

Birds are an essential feature of any garden. They provide a pollinating function for many of our flowering plants, and delightful to look at and listen to.In the depth of a freezing winter, birds work hard to find enough food. Now is the time to think about putting up a feeding station in the garden, installing a bird bath or planting up the shrubbery with bird-friendly plants such as winter flowering proteas, ericas, lion’s ear (Leonotis leonuris), aloes or seed-bearing restios.When deciding where to put your bird feeder, there are a few things to keep in mind. Birds feed at different levels in the garden. They feed from the berries at the tops of trees all the way down to the worms in the mulch layer. To encourage as many different species as possible, try to feed on as many different levels in the garden as possible.

We have a selection of bird feeders on special this month to help feed the feathered twitters to your garden this month.  Pop in a see our beautiful selection - valid until end of June 2018.

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30% OFF

Outdoor Fire Burners

Add a warm glow to your pation this winter. 

Don't let the evening chill stop you from lingering outdoors! These patio fire burners create an ideal gathering spot on the patio or the back garden.

Get the most enjoyment in your garden this winter - light up and enjoy the warmth.

Patio fire now less 30% until 31st June 2018.

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30% OFF

Leucospermum Soliel (5ℓ)

Leucospermum Soliel also known as ‘Pincushion’ or ‘Sugarbush’

These king Proteas love a sunny position with good air circulation, sandy, acidic and well drained soil

They are drought tolerant  and are  in full flower  from the end of winter right through spring bursting with big bright flower heads in fiery yellows, oranges and reds.

All leucospermums make wonderful cut flowers, as they are long lasting and very bold, brightening up any room with a fiery show. 

On special until 30 June 2018.

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30% OFF


Sansaveria also known as the "Snake Plant’ – is a die-hard plant

They like medium to low light.  Water when the soil is dry 

Sanseveria is probably one of the most adaptable and resilient plants around. Their structured, upright form looks great in a minimal space for a simple, clean look, as well as lending themselves to being grouped with other plants to create contrasting colour and texture.

As striking and easy to look after as they are, their main appeal is in their power to drastically improve air quality. Sanseveria effectively cleanse the air of harmful toxins found inside the home and increase oxygen levels.

On promotion until end of June 2018.