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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we’re enthusiastic gardening evangelists and we always welcome beginners with open arms. To help as many people as possible enjoy the sense of wonder and satisfaction that comes from gardening, we regularly run special offers on the plants, equipment and supplies you need to transform your outside spaces. We also like to share new ideas on garden design so that you can save and be inspired at the same time.

Smart planting – foolproof greenery 

Green is the colour, and by choosing carefully, you can create a garden that’s full of contrasting textures, in verdant shades from apple to emerald and lime to olive. The grass may not be greener on the other side, but everything else can be.

If you’re looking to add other colours to your garden this December, then turn to annuals for your pots, hanging baskets and beds. There are so many to choose from: some of our favourites are calibrachoas, alyssum (Lobularia) bedding dahlias, portulaca, lobelias, French marigolds, Celosias, Dianthus chinensis, gazanias and the polka dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya) – a beautiful foliage plant that thrives in sun or dappled shade.

Blooming lovely – thank you!

Plants in flower are always appreciated as gifts – even by non-gardeners. And with a wide selection available at 30% off this December, there’s never been a better time to do your present shopping at Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wild.

Gorgeous pots of seasonal colour are ideal for grandparents, teachers and anyone else who’s been there for you in 2018. 
Why not put flowering houseplants like poinsettias and amaryllis in pretty display pots before giving them away? 
For that hot someone you’ve had your eye on, how about a chili plant? Just remember that these can grow up to 2m tall!  

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30% OFF

Duranta Gold

There’s something magical about a plant that changes colour depending on where you plant it. This small to medium evergreen shrub will produce bright yellow leaves if grown in bright sunlight. Choose a shadier spot, however, and your Duranta gold will have lime-green foliage.

Duranta gold is also incredibly versatile, and works equally well as a low, formal hedge or as a feature shrub in a pot. This plant has one more colourful trick up its sleeve: it sporadically produces loose sprays of powder-blue flowers throughout spring and summer.

Our Duranta Gold is on special until the end of December 2018.

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30% OFF

Jasmine polyanthum

Despite the delicate appearance of its flowers, Jasminum polyanthum produces a strong, sweet scent and abundance of  blooms. It’s impossible to walk past without inhaling!During summer, it’s a common sight in suburban gardens, its lovely fragrance competing with the smoke from braais as its profusion of tiny flowers catches the eye of anyone who comes close.

Jasmine polyanthum is a very popular landscaping plant thanks to being both fast-growing and low-maintenance. All of which makes our 30% offer simply heaven-scent. Follow your nose to Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wild before the end of December 2018 to profit.

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Golden Brown Pebbles

Pebbles are the ideal way to demarcate and navigate your garden. Use in driveways for that just- arrived-home crunch, or in shady areas where grass doesn’t grow as well. Pebbles are also ideal for outdoor seating areas, and can add interesting colours and texture to your garden, either as pathways or to edge beds.

We love the warm colour of these pebbles, which go really well with so many different garden schemes and add a different look and feel wherever you use them.

Our Golden Brown pebbles are on promotion at 30% off until the end of December 2018!

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Culterra's Landscapers mix

Become your own landscape architect by choosing Culterra Landscapers Mix for your garden. It’s particularly rich in feeding value, which makes it perfect for creating new beds, or boosting the height of the ones you already have.

Equal parts topsoil and compost, Culterra Landscapers Mix can also be used to fill flower beds and larger flower boxes. In fact, it will work wonders almost anywhere – it’s the perfect medium to plant in, and your flowers will bloom in gratitude.

Treat your beds to this thriller of a filler during December 2018 while our 30% off special offer lasts.

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Bougainvillea is an iconic plant to South Africans: it’s tough and water-wise, but also generous in its blooming, with long streamers of flowers trailing over walls and fences as it escapes from yet another garden to spread beauty into the streets.

Bougainvillea is practically an explosion of summer flowers, whether pink, purple or white. Use them to soften the lines of your security fencing or walls, without in any way making them easier to get past.

This is a plant that relishes the summer heat, so plant in full sun wherever possible. Be sure to buy yours while our 30% off December 2018 offer lasts.

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NOW ONLY R22.00 per bag

Culterra 30dm3 Compost

Growing your own food is definitely a case of “you only get out what you put in”. In other words, compost is essential for growing fruit and veggies in our often-poor South African soils. Add a little extra to reap the edible rewards.

This best-selling compost delivers concentrated nutrients for healthier, stronger vegetables and greens. It can also help to improve soil drainage, and keeps moisture where it’s needed most – close to the roots.  drainage in your soil and helps retain moisture close to the roots where plants can use it.

More compost means more fertile soil – and it’s on sale for less right now: only R22.00 per 30dm3 bag this December.

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30% OFF

Festuca Grey & Green

Or should that be greyer? With Festuca, it could be both. Ornamental grasses are a hot gardening trend this summer, as they add splashes or more muted colours (to help tone down noisier plants) as well as striking shapes.

Festuca works very well near water features, or when used as a frame for signature plants. Forming dense tussocks of soft leaves, Festuca creates pillow-like masses of blue-grey or bright green grass.

Plant around dramatic accent plants such as cordylines, palms and cycads. You’ll love your Festuca even more if you buy it on promotion – offer valid until the end of December 2018!

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Selection of outdoor pots

If you love it, put it in a pot! There’s no better way to show off a favourite plant or shrub than by placing it front and centre on your patio in a decorative pot. This December, we have a selection of beautiful outdoor pots all at 30% off until the last day of the year (which will be here sooner than you think, so don’t delay!).  

If you’ll be entertaining on your patio this festive season, we have all the pots, plants and potting soil you need to make an impression. Just be sure to make haste to Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wild.

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NOW 30% Off

Lavender Margaret Roberts

Lavender really is the Swiss Army knife of the herb world – it’s unbelievably versatile. Not only is it water-wise, beautiful and fragrant, but it has a dozens of uses around the home. You can cook with it, heal with it, and use it to create powerful beauty products.

It can freshen up your laundry or your bathroom, and while it’s still growing in your garden, it will attract bees and repel insect pests.

This particular variety flowers continually and can get rather large. Trim it 2 or 3 times a year,  but don’t get carried away.

Promotion ends 31st December 2018.