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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we believe that gardening is a wonderful way of bringing people together and making the world a better place. Whether you’re looking for seeds or secateurs, ideas or inspiration, this is the place to come. We stock everything you need to get your garden tasks done and make your outdoor space more beautiful. But we also have lots of advice to give – and it’s all freely available. If you’re planning to make changes in your garden, or you have a problem plant that’s not responding to your love, we can help.

First of all, tie a knot somewhere to remind you that it is Mother's Day on Sunday, 12 May, and remember that we have some of the prettiest Mother's Day gifts ideas to make all moms smile! Bring Mom into Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds to spoil her with graceful Phalaenopsis and stunning Cyclamens – both in flower now!

While you're there, spoil yourself (and your garden) with seasonal colour and smart plants.  When adding new plants to your garden this month, think about plants which have become icons for a reason, so that you are in the 'royal circle' of gardening too!  The dry winter climate in summer rainfall regions is a perfect time to get the best value out of petunias, as they don’t like too much rain on their beautiful blooms. So, take advantage of this by filling up window boxes and hanging baskets with these rewarding annuals, which will flower for you all winter long. All you have to do is to protect them from snails, water them when the topsoil layer feels dry, remove spent blooms to encourage more flowers and feed them regularly with a water-soluble fertiliser.

  • Add eye candy with rows of ornamental kale between other winter vegetables. Good winter companion plants for kale are beetroot, violas and pansies (which both have edible flowers), onions, nasturtiums and spinach.
  • Interplant leafy winter veggies and root crops with herbs like lavender, thyme, Oregano, parsley, Yarrow and comfrey.
  • A wide variety of winter annuals are now available as healthy seedlings! These include Pansies, Violas, Calendula, and snapdragons. Plant them in great swathes around spring-flowering bulbs like Daffodils, Anemones and Ranunculi.
  • Feel like a plant is in the wrong place? You can move established shrubs and trees to a different spot now.


Take time to enjoy the last of the autumn foliage and berries.  The crisp morning air and longer nights is a sign that autumn has arrived in all its glory!

And remember whilst gardening might be the slowest of the performing arts - it is the most beautiful!

trees trees


What’s not to love about these beautiful indigenous flowers? They’re easy to plant, and a reliable source of colour. Low maintenance and lovely, African corn lilies or wand flowers can be counted on to produce bursts of bright, bold colours to enliven your borders year after year.

They prefer to be in full sun but can tolerate some shade. The name ‘wand flower’ comes from the shape of the slender stems, each adorned with spikes of small, star-shaped flowers. Each wand boasts multiple colours, ranging from blue to red, white and even green.

As with all your April bulbs, follow the ‘three F’s rule’ – water for forty minutes every four days and don’t forget! On special at just R70.00 per pack of 25 until the end of May 2019.

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It’s no wonder that people love pansies! They’re the cornerstone of many a winter garden, and it’s no surprise. They attain peak flower in spring and are a sure sign that the worst of the cold weather is past. Once you start to see their cheerful faces turned towards the spring sunshine, you can start looking out for other blooms following their example.  

April is the ideal month to start planting pansies, whether in beds, pots or hanging baskets. Whatever colours you’re into, you’ll find a variety of pansy that catches your eye, so don’t be shy! We currently have this most popular of winter bedding plants on special: buy two 6-packs of seedlings and get a third one free. Offer valid until end of May 2019.

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For our special offer on Namaqualand daisy seeds! Until the end of May 2019, you can purchase a MayFord bumper pack for just R75.00 – a saving of R40.00 per pack!

Experienced gardeners know that seeds planted in autumn actually germinate better than those planted in summer as the soil does not dry out as quickly. These yellow and orange daisies are an iconic sight in gardens across South Africa and are easily added to you own outdoor space. Keep the soil moist and add compost before sowing, being sure to cover the seeds to hide them from hungry birds.

For an ongoing floral display, try sowing Namaqualand daisy seed in batches a fortnight apart.

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There’s something wonderful about the way that hyacinth bulbs – whether planted indoors or out – seem to defy winter. They laugh in the face of cold weather, and produce dramatic spikes of pink, purple or white flowers with a deliciously sweet fragrance.

In the northern hemisphere, they’re strongly associated with the festive season; here in South Africa, they’re a celebration in themselves. They’re easy to grow with a little planning – simply pick a cool spot with morning sun and afternoon shade and mix compost into the soil. Remember to add mulch and water regularly. Until the end of May 2019, get a 5-pack of Hadeco hyacinth bulbs for just R85.00  


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ONLY R55.00


The distinctive reverse-facing petals of Cyclamen – and its popularity as a house plant – make it instantly recognisable. They’ve been compared to butterfly wings but to be honest, they’re even more beautiful!

Cyclamen naturally flowers in cooler weather, which means they can add a splash of welcome colour during winter. They prefer bright, indirect light during winter – less so in summer, when they are dormant. Cyclamen can tolerate many different soil types, but are fastidious about soil moisture. Water less rather than more to keep them happy.

Removing dead flower stems and any yellow or withered leaves will encourage your cyclamen to keep blooming. Oh, and did we mention that they’re on special until the end of May 2019?

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EFEKTO 2:3:2 (5kg)

Without adequate nutrients, your plants won’t grow or flower. Many plants are hardy enough to survive in poorer soils, but by adding fertiliser, you can ensure that they flourish. Fertiliser supplements your soil’s natural nutrients and replaces what rain and watering can wash away.  

Any fertiliser worth its salt should contain the three most vital elements for plant growth: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The presence of all three results in what we call a balanced fertiliser – exactly like Efekto 2:3:2

To give your garden and your budget a boost, you’ll find Efekto 2:3:2 (5Kg bag) on promotion at only R99.95 until the end of May 2019 – or until we sell out!

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NOW ONLY R455.00 FOR 20L


A slice of homegrown lemon is the perfect finishing touch for that gin and tonic you’ve been looking forward to all week – you could call it a Eureka moment!

Lemon trees make a wonderful addition to any garden – no matter the size. They do just as well in large pots on a sunny patio, and have shady foliage year-round. When they’re in flower of fruiting, they’re particularly eye-catching.

You’ll most likely have mature fruit during winter, after the fragrant blossoms appear in spring. Either way, you’ll have something pleasing to look at all year if you take advantage of our current promotion on Eureka lemon trees – it’s valid until the end of May 2019.  


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ONLY R49.95


We’re really turning up the heat with this special. This aloe variety is a real slow-burner, with an amazing long flowering period (from April or May through late July). It’s striking red colour makes it look as though you could warm your hands on it and seeing it in your winter garden will certainly warm your heart every time.

Like other aloes, these hot little number does best in sun or semi-shade, and doesn’t require too much watering. Low maintenance plants like this are ideal when conditions aren’t conducive to spending time working in your garden, so take advantage of our special offer – valid until the end of May 2019.

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3m x 1m @ R10.00


While our winters are mild compared to say Europe, they are still plenty cold enough to give your gardening headaches. Frosts and cold winds can damage or even kill garden plants and destroy your organic veggie patch, but you can shield your most fragile plants with Frost Guard.

It’s a special fabric that provides protection against chills. It’s breathable design allows light, water and air to reach the plants inside, but protects them from the worst excesses of winter. You can either attach it to a specially built frame, or simply wrap it directly around your plants. It’s like adding an extra blanket to your bed!

Until the end of May, get 3m x 1m Frost Guard for just R10.00