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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we believe that gardening is a wonderful way of bringing people together and making the world a better place. Whether you’re looking for seeds or secateurs, ideas or inspiration, this is the place to come. We stock everything you need to get your garden tasks done and make your outdoor space more beautiful. But we also have lots of advice to give – and it’s all freely available. If you’re planning to make changes in your garden, or you have a problem plant that’s not responding to your love, we can help.

If you’re an early riser (and we know that many gardeners are), you’ll notice it’s getting lighter a little earlier each day. That’s a sure sign the coldest, darkest days of Winter are behind us – and Spring is on its way!

To make the most of the new season, some important garden jobs must be done – and if you hurry, you can take advantage of specials at Waterfall Wilds this August.

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50% OFF

Cyclamen Plants

Cyclamens are wonderful winter blooming plants that come in amazing colours and varieties to choose from, some varieties have ruffled flowers while others are rounded. All of them have large bright flowers which sit straight on top of the stem in an upright position. Cyclamens grow in winter and hibernate in warm weather. Once a Cyclamen has finished flowering its leaves will turn yellow and die but this is completely normal so do not throw away your plant. 

To water youe plant properly feed it from the plant tray and let it soak up the water as it does not like to get its leaves wet. The soil should be dry to the touch and only water if the soil is dry.

Come get your Cyclamen on special at Waterfall Wilds less 50% while stocks last

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30% OFF

Winter Annuals: Pansies and Viola's

Does your garden have the right amount of yellow and purple shades? Why not buy pansies and violas which are on our annual clearance sale.

While these annuals are winter plants - you can still plant them in your garden so long as you find a nice semi-shady area to allow them to shine.

Act Now - get to waterfall wilds today and buy two for the price of one. While Stocks Last

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R295 9kg bag

All purpose plant booster - Wonder 3:2:1

With all the herb planting you will be doing this Spring you will defintely be needing Wonder 3:2:1 - A fantastic fertilizer for lawns, vegetables and evergreen plants. Wonder 3:2:1 is a high slow-releasing nitrogen and gives you healthy veggies. It also enhances root growth and makes your plants strong.

You can't go wrong with this fertiliser and that's why we have it on special for R295.00 (9kg bag). Because it is such a great deal - its only on special until the 17 September - so act now!

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R129.50 5kg bag

Talborne Organics has the answer

In order to have our vegetables feed us – we first need to feed them.

September is the right time to fertilise your vegetables and herb gardens with Vita Veg 6:3:4. It's a complete plant food that won't burn your plants and which is a friend of the environment. 

If you are planting simply sprinkle, till into your soil and water well. If you are feeding your established garden then sprinkle into soil and till in, feeding 3 times a year.

On Special for R129.50 a bag until 17 September.

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NOW 145

Thyme Window sill Herb Garden

Do you have an herb garden yet? If not, it’s about thyme you grow one. Plant your herb garden as close to your kitchen as possible so that it is easy for you to pop out and pick what you need.

You can also grow herbs in stylish pots on your kitchen windowsill with our Thyme windowsill growing kit.

With this amazing bargain - you get 3 x 12cm thyme pots, 3dm potting soil and 1 windowbox and saucer for 32cm. Special ends 17 September so act now!

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Buy 3 and get 1free

Thyme, Rosemary and Basil

Fragrant herbs such as Basil, Coriander, Borage and Rocket will add a punch to any meal or salad and especially when they are freshly snipped from your own garden.

Herbs have many healing benefits and are extremely good green foods. Rosemary is rich in Vitamin A,B6,C, Folate, iron and manganese - it helps with brain, liver and skin health.

Buy any 3 12cm herb plants and get the fourth 1 free. 

On special until 17 September.

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Clivias on special

Surround yourself with beauty, with our bold Clivias on special this month for just R65.00 for 4l bags until the End of September.

They have brilliantly coloured trumpet-shaped blooms ranging from bright oranges to golden yellows and are very fashionable must-haves.

They enjoy a bit of morning sun, but love the shade and thrive in compost-rich, sandy soil mixes.



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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow's (Brunfelsia)

Give your garden a burst of long lasting and brightly coloured blooms, by planting Yesterday, Today & Tomorrows.

Their aromatic fragrance is sure to touch any garden with a hint of Jasmine.

These beautiful shrubs are on special - less 30% off until the End of September.