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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we’re enthusiastic gardening evangelists and we always welcome beginners with open arms. To help as many people as possible enjoy the sense of wonder and satisfaction that comes from gardening, we regularly run special offers on the plants, equipment and supplies you need to transform your outside spaces. We also like to share new ideas on garden design so that you can save and be inspired at the same time.

Summer is that time of the year when everyone wants to be outside – and why not? It can also be a busy time for gardeners, and that means spending money on new plants and seeds, bug spray and tools. All of which can start to add up, so we try and do our bit to help by always looking for great savings that we can pass on to you. Be sure to check this page regularly for the latest specials from Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, from pots to plants and even trees.

This month we have three very special offers that will appeal to gardeners who love to cook, gardeners who love bees, and gardeners who love indigenous plants. In other words, pretty much every kind of gardener there is!

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30% OFF

Amazing Agapanthus

Agapanthus are a common sight in South African suburban gardens at this time of year – but their ubiquity takes nothing away from their wow factor.

As well as the undoubted beauty of their spikes of purple or white blooms, Agapanthus have much to recommend them. They’re hardy, low-maintenance and water-wise – all the reasons we love indigenous plants.

Agapanthus thrive in borders and containers, and can tolerate a wide range of light conditions. They appreciate deep watering at first, but then become water-wise once established. Agapanthus look best growing en masse and are a wonderful way to make a colourful statement. All Agapanthus are 30% off until the end of November 2018.

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30% OFF

Sweet smell of success

As well as its pretty star-shaped flowers (white with a distinctive pink underside) jasmine adds not just beauty, but also a wonderful fragrance to your garden. The scent is particularly noticeable in the evenings – ideal if you’re sitting outside relaxing with a glass of wine (or a cup of jasmine tea). Just don’t let the smoke from your braai overpower it!

Jasmine will flower all summer and thrives in sun or semi-shade, meaning that it’s as versatile as it is beautiful. With our Star Jasmine on promotion until the end of November 2018, you need to be a scrambler rather than a creeper, as the 30% offer only applies while stocks last. 

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Pretty is as pretty does

If yours is one of the few gardens in South Africa that isn’t graced by Pelargoniums, then it’s time to make amends. And by taking the price of our 17cm Pelargoniums down to just R42.00 until the end of November 2018, we’ve made it easier than ever to enjoy these pretty perennials.

If you need to perk up your window baskets or draw eyes to your hanging baskets, then Pelargoniums are the answer. They love sunny borders but will also thrive in your herb garden – as some Pelargoniums have scented leaves, they’ll be right at home there. 

Pelargoniums have a long blooming season, but like so many of the things, they’re at their best in summer.

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Make a meadow with Anthiricum

Anthiricum is beloved of landscape gardeners, and who can blame them… With its masses of small white starry flowers, this grass-like plant works best as a filler, or to create meadow-like fields on any scale. It’s equally happy beneath trees or growing alongside water features – your only challenge will be knowing when to stop planting it!

As a fast-growing groundcover, Anthiricum is a quick and easy way to transform the appearance of your garden, especially as at just R15 per plant until the end of November 2018, it also represents exceptional value.

Make the most of this promotion and let your garden have its fill of this delicate, weeping plant this summer.

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Tactile Elegia tectorum

Make a garden landscaping statement with Cape Thatching Reed. Not a reed at all, it’s actually a restio, but botanical distinctions aside, it’s a hardy grass-like perennial with bold, almost  architectural shapes and easily reaching 1.5 metres in height.

Come autumn, the clumps of thin, dark evergreen stems sport compact, golden-brown flower spikes in autumn, making these plants even more striking. As you might expect from its common name, Cape Thatching Reed likes to be near streams or in shallow water. If you’re into grey-water recycling, this restio can earn its keep as a natural filter.

Elegia tectorum is promotion until the end of November 2018 – a low price for a low-maintenance plant.

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NOW ONLY R22.00 per bag

Locked on Low (LOL) Compost offer!

If you want to grow your own food, you’ll need some compost. Especially as many South African soils are actually quite poor, and quality crops can only really be achieved by adding something extra.

That little something is compost – concentrated nutrients for healthier, stronger vegetables and greens. Compost also improves drainage in your soil and helps retain moisture close to the roots where plants can use it.

They say you can have too much of a good thing, but when it comes to compost, you won’t spoil your soil, no matter how much you add. Rather, you’ll make it richer and more fertile. So take advantage of our November 2018 promotion: only R22.00 per 30dm3 bag.

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NOW only R140.00

Phalaenopsis 2-stem 2 go

The beauty and stylishness of orchids have made them some of the most popular house plants of recent years, but they also something of a reputation for being high maintenance. Which is another reason why we’re delighted to introduce you to the Phalaenopsis or Moth Orchid. It’s long-lasting, year-round flowers make it a great choice as an indoor orchid.  

Orchids make ideal gifts for people whose homes have everything – they’re the gift that keeps on giving, and at just R140.00 each until the end of November 2018, they’re a snip.

Unlike some other orchids, Phalaenopsis are easy to care for. They don’t like draughts (but then who does?) and appreciate morning or evening light, and being dusted.

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For social climbers

If you have creepers that want to go (or grow!) places, then you’ll want to know that until the end of November 2018, we have a range of wooden self-staking trellis and a selection of wooden panels on special. We’ve lowered the prices by 30% until the end of November 2018 so your creepers and climbers can reach new heights.

This is no time to sit on the fence! Rather, come down to Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds and see our entire range of plan supports – exactly the sort of frames that upwardly mobile plants will enjoy climbing all over.

Isn’t it time you gave your garden – and your budget – a lift?