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At Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds, we believe that gardening is a wonderful way of bringing people together and making the world a better place. Whether you’re looking for seeds or secateurs, ideas or inspiration, this is the place to come. We stock everything you need to get your garden tasks done and make your outdoor space more beautiful. But we also have lots of advice to give – and it’s all freely available. If you’re planning to make changes in your garden, or you have a problem plant that’s not responding to your love, we can help.

If you’re an early riser (and we know that many gardeners are), you’ll be able to walk in your garden to the sound of music as the birds sing in perfect harmony! If you have male weaver's nearby, you might catch a glimpse of them tearing down the nest to build yet another!

October is a fun month for gardeners as there is plenty to do. It is bird migration day and 'Talk with Keith' on the 12th, Garden Day on the 20th, and for the entire month, we celebrate the rose! Keep an eagle eye on our specials and tips that we have this month - remember to like and follow us on social media for daily specials and reminders!

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30% OFF


Get rocking and plant a water wise rock garden. Start with the Echeveria “Rock Rose”.

This silver-grey succulent plant with fleshy rosettes is durable, versatile and drought tolerant. 

Durable and adabtable to any garden, makes this plant an ideal and natural plant to add to ones landscape. It does best in well-drained soil and thrives in full sunlight.

We have rocked the price down 30%, so get to Waterfall Wilds today and be a rock star!

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30% OFF


Vita Fruit & Flower 3:1:5 is an organic fertilizer for flowering and fruiting beds, shrubs, roses, vegetables, berries and trees.

We’re soiling you this month by putting it on special.

You can either get the 2kg for R62.95, A 5kg for R149.95 or if you want bigger then you can buy 2 10kg bags for just R725.00 – Now that’s a heap of savings!

On special until the 30 October and while stocks last!

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LESS 30%


Iceberg White Roses are ideal for mass planting in beds, borders & containers. They are fragrant, white, semi-double flowers which seem to lighten the load with their iceberg glow. Surround yourself with white light and get 30% off until the 30 Ooctober. 

Similarly, on special this month until 30 October, is Keith's Burgundy Iceberg Rose, which have clusters of deep-coloured blooms with a silver reverse. It provides a striking contrast to white 'Iceberg' in mass planting. Grab your 19cm for just R99.95.

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Its garden day on the 20 October and time to stop and smell the roses.

To celebrate gardening around Gauteng, we have pruned the price on our Iceberg White roses down R20.00.

Come on over to Waterfall Wilds, grab a coffee and take in the beauty that flowers, plants and birds bring us, in our store!

Special is one day only so don't waste time!

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As October is rose month we thought it fitting to enhance these blooms by putting our peanut shells on special.

Peanut shells make excellent mulch for use in the rose garden as they do not break down too quickly - they also make your beds look attractive.

Buy 3 5kg bags of shells for R100.00.

Now that’s for peanuts!

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Only R80


Watering the lawn is important and needs to be done regularly, especially during dry weather.

Watering in the mornings so that the grass has plenty of time to dry off before nightfall.

If you see signs of fungal infection, treat it with an organic fungicide such as Margaret Roberts Organic Fungicide.

In-store for R80.00.


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From 5% to 50% off


Are you feeling lucky? Come to Waterfall Wilds from 12 to 20 October and receive further discount on your entire purchase, when you select a discount from our magic growing pot.

Whether its 2,5% or 50% - the odds could be in your favour.

To qualify, all you need to do, is spend R500,00 or more.

How can you resist that challenge when their is magic in the air (and of course at the till)?