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What's on promotion this month?

With our emphasis on sustainable gardening here at the Keith Kirsten Garden Centre, we’re all about giving back to the Earth. Our new promotion focuses on giving back, too – giving back to SA’s gardeners through special promotions that reduce the price of everyday gardening essentials.

The only thing we’re not growing is the cost of being a gardener! If the start of Spring wasn’t enough inspiration to get back out into your garden, check out our special promotional offers below. The new gardening is all about working with Nature, not against it and this great combination of indigenous plants, organic products, and reduced prices means that having a beautiful garden needn’t cost the Earth.

trees trees
30% Off*

Add a vigorous splash of colour to hot dry spots in your garden with these indigenous, waterwise ‘little figs’.

If you don’t have the space for a tree at home, you could always plant one in your neighbourhood where everyone can enjoy it. Their silky-textured flowers come in almost every colour you can imagine, so whatever colour scheme you have in mind for your outdoor space, we’re bound to have a vygie that fits the bill.

Vygies love the sunshine, so plant them where they can really shine and enjoy the colourful display of flowers, plus the savings you made by buying them with our Spring special offer.

trees trees
Now 30% off*

You don’t have to go all the way to ‘Scarborough Fair’ to take advantage of this special offer.

This fragrant woody herb will add a fresh scent to your garden, and a distinctive flavour to braaivleis meat – perfect for those roasting summer days! Associated for centuries with weddings, you’ll love the charm that rosemary brings to your garden (and your cooking).

Originating from the Mediterranean region, it is also remarkably drought-resistant making it an ideal candidate for waterwise gardens and even xeriscaping. It’s even mentioned in Shakespeare!

trees trees
Now R43.95*

A special offer that will be just as attractive to seed-eating birds as to gardeners.

Attract more small birds like red-headed finches into your garden by hanging these large seed bells from branches (as long as they are out of the reach of cats).

Birds will enjoy hanging upside down to prise treats from the seed bell with their beaks, and you’ll be able to enjoy their antics as they bring extra colour and activity to your outside spaces.

Offering exceptional value for money, the only thing small about these seed bells, is the price!

trees trees
Now R30% off*

Our fine selection of clivias is now available at this very special price. Also known as Natal lilies, clivias are a South African gardening icon – a bit like Keith himself!

Their fiery orange and red flowers are perfectly offset by their dark green leaves.

Plant them in containers, or in well-drained areas that receive dappled light and they will brighten up garden and patio corners.

Remember that clivias don’t like to get their feet wet, but the good news is that with 30% in our Spring special offer, they won’t drain your wallet.