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Meet Our Team

Here at the Keith Kirsten Garden Centre in Waterfall Wilds, we stock an incredible range of seeds, plants and gardening essentials. Our team reflects this diversity – united in their passion for people, plants and the planet, they are experts in many aspects of gardening.

Our aim is to work with our fellow gardeners across South Africa to enhance and beautify our surroundings, to attract wildlife back into our gardens and to adopt a sustainable approach in everything that we do. Most of all we enjoy sharing our love for gardening with everyone who visits us here in Waterfall Wilds!

We’ve been inspired by some of the best gardeners in the country, including Dr. Di and Peter Goodwin whose plant propagation experience helps ensure that every plant and seed on sale here is of the very highest quality, and comes with a wealth of knowledge.

Many creative minds have worked on our horticultural displays, including Ray Hudson (winner of 34 Chelsea medals) and Paul Odendaal. Their design experience and attention to detail is certain to inspire you in turn.

Who makes up our team?

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When you walk in the door you will be greeted by Annah or Helen our friendly cashiers, always ready to help and entice you to shop for something beautiful.

Keith Kirsten

Horticulturist and founder of Keith Kirsten Horticulture International, Keith was born and raised in Durban. Through his long career he has become South Africa’s best-loved gardener, and a household name thanks to his many media appearances. Keith has informed, entertained and inspired gardening enthusiasts for more than 30 years.

Cary Goodwin

With a background in horticultural education, Cary is our resident expert and chief gardening ambassador. She brings gardening to life with her passion for anything green and growing. When not gardening she enjoys horse-riding and bird-watching, hobbies which she says complement her gardening as they have taught her to overcome any obstacles in her path, and truly appreciate nature.

Ryan Goodwin

Ryan’s two passions are the business and his growing, energetic family. He is quick to ‘adopt’ everyone he meets as part of his wider gardening family and to share his love for South Africa’s indigenous plants and trees. He first learnt to identify these as a young boy growing up near Hoedspruit, and while he never did manage to track down a lion, he developed a vast knowledge of our nation’s flora, and the urge to share this.

Ben Crory

Retail Centre manager Ben has worked in retail gardening for many years and draws on this experience to provide an enjoyable shopping experience. His efficiency and dynamism are paired with a quirky, off-the-wall sense of humour which sometimes sees him chatting to the plants on the topic of their ‘behaviour’ or growth.

Team Members

Our friendly and capable team members Sylvia, Carlton, Lucky, Yingwani, Promise, Asiphe, Charity, Aluwani, Rejoice and Winny are always on hand to offer you sound advice and guidance on what to plant where, when and how. Rynardt, our outdoor manager and professed plant lover keeps a close eye on all aspects of your experience while our resident gardener Trevor makes sure that our gardens are always beautiful and welcoming for customers and wildlife alike.