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  • Anthony Tesselaar – garden greatness made simple.
  • Proven Winners – each one worthy of a medal.
  • David Austin Roses – no-one nose fragrance better.

Partners Growing Together

As a result of our continuous efforts to source the world’s finest plants and varieties from leading breeders, we are delighted to be able to offer one of the country’s widest selection of top quality plants.

Enjoy browsing the online catalogues here for inspiration, then visit us to purchase the plants you need for the garden you’ve always dreamed of.

Proven Winners

By partnering with the world's top plant breeders, Proven Winners is able to bring you vigorous, vibrant varieties to enhance any garden.

Anthony Tesselaar

Suppliers of great plants that make gardening easy, sourced from around the world. The people who brought you the Rosa Flower Carpet rose.

David Austin Roses

An award-winning English breeder who specialises in combining the best traits of old and new varieties - colourful roses that are scented.

“God gave us memories that we might have roses in winter.”
- - J M Barrie

Proven Winners

Beautiful, vigorous plants for an easy-to-maintain garden, from Angelonia Angelface Blue™ to Salvia Hybrid GoGo Scarlet… click here for the Proven Winners catalogue with masses of practical information, and gorgeous images of each and every variety. Get even better results from our varieties by following our simple plant feeding tips – your reward will be a riot of colour from strong, healthy plants.

Adding compost to your garden enriches the soil and ensures that all your plants have the nutrients they need to thrive. Pre-bagged compost can be expensive, but you can make your own using garden off-cuts, mown grass and other organic matter – with careful mixing you can create rich, nourishing compost in just a few weeks.

Some plants it seems can thrive in almost any soil, whereas others are more picky when it comes to substrates. Whatever the state of your garden’s soil, it can be improved by adding organic matter. Your plants will thank you for it, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy the resulting colours and scents.

The difference between a good fertiliser and a great one is a question of ingredients. We’ll guide you through the ABCs (and NPKs) of fertiliser – and how to use it for maximum effect.


Anthony Tesselaar

A fabulous selection of garden plants to transform your outdoor experience, from South Africa’s leading horticulturalist, Keith Kirsten. Click here for inspirational information and all the information you need to pick the perfect plants for your place in the sun (or shade).

Choosing the right plant varieties for your outdoor space is just one part of creating your dream garden. There are also many tips and tricks you can use to maximise the impact of your plants and flowers, and also to create a more eco-friendly garden. One example is the ancient practice of companion planting – that is, combining mutually beneficial plants together in the garden. It’s very much in vogue these days as people look to achieve a more organic approach to gardening by using fewer pesticides.

It’s an exciting time to be a gardener – we’re all learning to embrace centuries-old wisdom about gardening with nature, not against it - and at the same time, we’ve become emboldened to tear up the rule book about how gardens ‘ought’ to look. For example, consider placing bold, large-foliaged plants in oversized metal containers for a striking, contemporary focal point. With exciting new plant varieties from Anthony Tesselaar, the only garden rules are the ones you set.


David Austin Roses

Classic old-school grace and elegance combined with the heady scents, sumptuous hues and repeat flowering ability of modern roses, from one of England’s top rose breeders. Click here to find a David Austin Roses rose grower near you.

Through years of hard-won experience, David Austin has amassed a wealth of knowledge about his favourite bloom, and the same sense of generosity that has led him to create countless new varieties for gardeners worldwide is also evident in the way he freely dispenses tips and advice to fellow rose aficionados.

Whether you’re looking to plant a potted shrub rose and give it the best possible start to its new life in your garden, or prune an English shrub rose to maximise its re-flowering potential, or give a bare root climbing rose a boost, David Austin is well placed to give you advice from the sharp end of rose gardening. His decades of experience mean that he more than likely has an answer to your rose growing question, however thorny the issue…


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