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Talk with Keith Kirsten on 12 October

Keith Kirsten on bench

12 October is known as bird migration day, not only do our local birds migrate, but we have an influx of many other birds migrating from all over the world to visit our land and shore and make this their home for a season. The 12th, is also when Keith Kirsten will be at Waterfall Wilds for a talk and chat.

Come join Keith Kirsten for a FREE and casual talk over a brewed cup of coffee. Keith will be there from 10h30 until 12h30, and will answer any questions you might want to ask about gardening. He will also give you tips on what to plant in your summer garden, how to care for your plants and being waterwise.

Keith will also bring copies of his new book, Gardening with Keith Kirsten, which you can buy. His book is filled with tips, plants and all one needs to know about caring for your garden.

See you there!

What to do in your garden in October

October is known in the gardening world as Rose Month. Roses are starting to bloom and their beautiful scented petals will be filling your garden with wonderful smells, inviting the bees and butterflies. Pick your flowers and put them in vases. Remove the faded blooms and feed your roses regulary. If you have red spider mites, you can make a garlic spray that will make them run away.

  1. Compost grass clippings with chipped pruning’s, old leaves and vegetable waste
  2. Control weeds by applying a thick layer of mulch in garden beds.
  3. Feed lawns and replace dead ones with plugs. Do not mow it too short.
  4. Start mowing the lawn regularly, feed once a month and water during dry weather.
  5. To make your lawn dense and soft, mow it regularly, water deeply and feed every 4 to 6 weeks.
  6. Mulch all acid loving plants and feed with organic fertiliser i.e Camellias, Azaleas, Hydrangeas.
  7. Continue making softwood cuttings.
  8. Water all shrubs and trees once a week during dry weather.
  9. Thin out peaches, apricots and plums before the pips get hard.
  10. As the fruit starts to swell, give trees their second application of fertilizer.
  11. Watch out for insects all over the garden and spray where necessary.
  12. Prepare and compost the empty beds and replant summer flowering plants
  13. Feed and water well newly planted summer bulbs.
  14. To deter snails around young seedlings sprinkle crushed eggshells.
  15. Enjoy the last flowers of your Clivias, they can be lifted and divided after the last flowering phase at the end of the month.

What to plant and where to buy it


burgundy rose

There are many wonderful choices for roses this month. On sale at Waterfall Wilds is the Nelson Mandela Rose, Burgundy Iceberg, Rosa Brilliant Pink Iceberg, Flower Carpet Roses and David Austin Roses.

Herbs are a must for any season but its a great time to start sowing seeds of basil, coriander, Borage and Rocket. These are on special until the 17 September at our Waterfall Wilds Centre. Other vegetable to plant this month are green peppers, beans, tomatoes, aubergines, garlic chives, artemesia parsley and seed potatoes. When planting, remember to do so in a well composted soil to the depth of the seedling tray they are in and water frequently.

Perennials like Gaura So White and Gaura Rosa Jane will add a beautiful sparkle of colour to your beds.

Garden Beds

Create a rainbow of colours in your garden by planting Agapanthus, Gaura, Osteospermum, Pelargoniums, Angelonia. Agapanthus Snow Storm, Lilac Beauty and Amethyst are on special for 30% off at Keith Kirsten Waterfall Wilds.Create a meadown by sowing seeds of Marigold, Alyssum, Cosmos and Sunflowers.

Herb Garden

In your veggie garden plant tomatoes, peppers, chillies, zucchini, baby marroes, , pumpkin, squash, sweetcorn, (chives & spring onions act as natural insect detergents). asparagus, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, dwarf beans, dwarf spinach, brinjals, globe and Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, lettuces, melons, parsley, parsnips, pumpkins, radishes, runner beans, sweet potatoes (tubers or cuttings), Swiss chard, watermelons

NB** Feed Calibrachoas twice a month with a water soluble fertiliser to keep them in full flower and do not over water as they hate soggy soil.

Container Gardening

Your patio garden is as important as your garden. Add a lick of green and a splash of colour to your patio, making them focal points in large and small gardens.

  1. Use good quality potting soil rich in nutrients. Include compost and a slow release fertiliser when planting to provide nutrition for up to 3 months.
  2. Use water retaining products in the mix to avoid constant watering of your pots
  3. Position your plants accordingly and they should have similar water requirements, light and feeding. Full sun will require more water and the ones in the shade less water.
  4. Water using a watering can and ensure that there is good drainage.
  5. Water regularly to prevent the soil from drying out
  6. Keep the soil moist with a mulch straw, compost or shredded leaves.
  7. Plant roses in containers – full sun, regular watering and feeding.- Recommend Nelson Mandela Roses, Rosa Burgundy Iceberg
  8. Lavenders, petunias, phlox, marigolds, and definitely lots of geraniums (Pelargonium constant deadheading promotes continuous flowering)

Garden Events in October

There are wonderful garden events coming up this month and we wouldn’t want to miss either of them. Neither should you!

FREE talk with Keith - 12 October

Keith will be at Waterfall Wilds on the 12 October at 10h30 for a casual chat and free coffee from Human Bean. Have a gardening question or needs some tips? Then this is the right event for you!

Ludwig's Rose Festival - 16 October

This is the 48th Spring Rose Festival to be held at Ludwig’s Rose Farm. The Rose Shed has showcased the festival of many different themes. Themes have been: Yellow Submarine, Around the world in roses, with performances by Bles Bridges & Petricia Lewis.

Garden Day - 20 October

Garden Day is a chance for people across the country to down tools and spend some quality time celebrating their gardens with neighbours, family and friends. Everyone can take part, regardless of the size of their gardens – rolling lawns, potted window sills, urban rooftops and patio planters – all are welcome.